Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Eyrie by NotTooPolished

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I reviewed NotTooPolished's Tangerine. Today I have another one! This one is called The Eyrie and is from Game of Thrones. I personally do not watch Game of Thrones (I don't have HBO, please don't attack!) so I had no idea. I just thought it was beautiful. Of course when I got it home I realized it was the blue version of Tangerine, but I am totally okay with that! 

I loved Tangerine and all, but seriously? The Eyrie is amazing. I love it so much. It has an ice blue base with small white matte glitter, holographic hex glitter, and large white matte glitter. Again not a fan of larger sized glitter but in The Eyrie it actually came out very easy with one nail so I made sure to fish it out for some others. It wasn't difficult at all. Just a simple shake and out they came. This bottle may just change my opinion of large hex glitter, but I didn't have an ounce of trouble. 

On my index and middle finger I put 3 coats over my bare nail. Then my pinkie, ring, and thumb were all 3 coats over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's Blew Away. With Tangerine I loved the polish even more after it was over a colored base. The Eyrie is the exact opposite. I love it so much more without the base color. It seems more cold and icy without the base. Not to mention Blew Away made all of the holographic glitter look purple. I completely recommend this polish without a base color, The Eyrie doesn't it!

NotTooPolished is available on Etsy. She sales full size bottles for $7.50 and minis for $3.75. She currently has a Limited Edition Hot 4 Teacher collection that is fantastic and completely on my wish list. Check out her Facebook as well for sneak peeks and other info!

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