Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tangerine by NotTooPolished

Hey everyone!

Long time no see! Sorry I disappeared on everyone. The giveaway finished, Grace won! Super excited to get everything out to her. Real life became a little crazy so polish and blogging had to be put on hold. But I'm back baby doll!

Today I have a fantastic Indie Polish to show you! Tangerine from NotTooPolished!

Sooo pretty! Tangerine just reminds me of a nice juicy Tangerine. And for some reason I can never find tangerines in my area. So this polish is pure torture, but the best kind of torture. It has a thin orange base with red/orange hex glitter, small white matte glitter, and then big white matte glitter. I'm not necessarily a fan of big glitter like the white so I just let it stay in the bottle and did not actively try to fish it out. The bigger white pieces reminded me of the seeds in oranges! 

 My index and middle finger have 3 coats over my bare nail. And my ring, pinkie, and thumb have 3 coats over Wet N Wild's Sunny Side Up. While I liked the way it looked over my bare nail this polish really shined for me once I put it over the orange base. I would really like to try a soft orange gradient with Tangerine on top, I think it would look fantastic. Note to self...

NotTooPolished is available on Etsy. She sales full size bottles for $7.50 and minis for $3.75. She currently has a Limited Edition Hot 4 Teacher collection that is fantastic and completely on my wish list. Check out her Facebook as well for sneak peeks and other info!

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